The OneBreath test is simple.  Patients exhale one normal breath into a 1 L non-reactive bag.  The breath sample is promptly evacuated across a patented silicon microreactor chip that selectively and irreversibly captures exhaled carbonyl compounds (ECC) produced as a result of cancer metabolism.  The small microreactor volume effectively concentrates the carbonyl compounds by 10,000-fold.  Other components in the breath are non-reactive to the chip-surface coating and pass through the microreactor.  The captured carbonyls then are eluted and analyzed using mass spectrometry (MS).

The unique and patented chemistry converts all carbonyl compounds into positively charged adducts, which are ideally suited for quantitative MS analysis without further processing.  This approach is a true breakthrough in the analytical marketplace, yielding a clean sample that can be precisely quantitated.  To our knowledge, no other competing technology has a similar quantitative advantage.